iMMERSiVELY is a creative startup specialising in immersive media technologies – producing applications and solutions for businesses across various industries in South East Asia. From Augmented and Virtual reality content and technology development, to 360° content production and more, iMMERSiVELY harnesses these technologies to advance communication, innovation, story narratives and in education.

Content & Technology Development

Across various Immersive Media Technologies from AR – VR – MR to Holography and more!

360° Content Production

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

Digimuse 2018

Noise Metaverse 2019

Full Interactive Experience


Bring your events to the next level – with our Immersive Media Tech

that is customised entirely to your requirements!

and more !

Education & Learning

As educators and specialists in training, we have our own Immersive media Tech courses catered from kids

to seniors, as well as programmes that can be customised to your every requirements!

AR/VR for Learning and Education

In this document, we show you why using VR, AR and 360 technologies will transform education and why you should integrate it in your teaching platform.

Immersive Technologies in Learning Education

& Corporate Training


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